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General & Preventive Dentistry Austin

General and Family Dentistry Offered at Broberg and Tieken Dental,
Serving Austin and the Surrounding Area

Broberg and Tieken Dental provides excellent gentle dentistry to patients in the Dripping Springs, Driftwood, Oak Hill, Bee Caves, Lakeway, and greater Austin area. We strive for minimally invasive treatments wherever possible and offer gentle dentistry that’s tailored to your needs. Book a consultation with us today. Whether you have an emergency dental need, are interested in a dental cleaning and exam, are considering restorative or cosmetic dental services, or want help with a symptom, such as bleeding gums, we can help.

Preventive Austin, TX Dentistry

Dr. Eric S. Broberg and Dr. J. Derek Tieken have extensive expertise in dentistry. Your oral health is important and it’s connected to your overall health as well as your happiness and confidence. Talk to us about your needs and book a check-up so that we can get you on a preventative dentistry schedule that will help keep your smile healthy and beautiful.


Cavities can happen at any age. And if you had fillings as a child or teen and are now an adult, there is a lifespan to both amalgam and composite white fillings. Regular check-ups can ensure that new cavities are caught early when only a minimal amount of tooth is impacted and that existing fillings are maintained so you can avoid unnecessary tooth fractures and root canals.

Screening for Oral Cancer and Periodontal Disease

The best approach to oral cancer is early detection. We can help in this regard. At every check-up, your dentist will check for anything unusual and will biopsy anything that points to oral cancer.

Periodontal disease is a growing concern in the USA today that affects about 80% of the population. Gum disease destroys your teeth and it is also linked to a number of diseases. We offer gum assessments, periodontal treatments, and periodontal maintenance programs for those who need it. Learn more…

TMJ, Jaw Pain, and Bruxism

Do you have a clicking jaw or radiating jaw pain? Do you grind your teeth at night? We have solutions that can help eliminate pain and improve jaw alignment.

Sedation Dentistry

For any general or cosmetic dentistry procedure where the patient has dental anxiety, sedation dentistry can be a great option. Talk to us about your needs and our Austin dental team will strive to help you achieve your goals in a stress-free and minimally invasive way. Learn more…

Why Choose Dr. Broberg or Dr. Tieken as Your Austin Dentist

Dr. Eric S. Broberg and Dr. J. Derek Tieken get great reviews as Austin, TX dentists who care about patient satisfaction. Tailored and gentle dentistry, dental financing, a modern and relaxing atmosphere, and a commitment to helping you have a pleasant experience at the dentist’s office are what you can expect from us. Call our Austin dental office at (512) 861-6045 for an appointment as a new patient, for a dental consultation, or if you need help with a dental emergency.

Smile Makeover Treatment Austin

Austin Smile Makeovers Available at Broberg and Tieken Dental

Modern dentistry advances have made smile makeovers extremely popular. If you don’t like your smile, you can do something about it. Here in our Austin dental office, Dr. Broberg and Dr. Tieken regularly meet with new and existing patients considering a smile makeover. Whether you want a little bit of dental work done, need a full smile makeover, or are simply looking for a new family dentist today but want one where smile makeovers are possible for later on, we would be happy to meet with you.

We serve the Austin, Dripping Springs, Driftwood, Oak Hill, Lakeway, and Bee Caves areas and can offer a variety of restorative and cosmetic dental options to help you feel great about your smile.

Smile Makeovers in Austin: You Have Plenty of Options!

A number of factors come into play for smile makeovers, such as the condition of your teeth and gums, your smile’s symmetry, your facial shape, and of course: your budget. A variety of options are available to help you straighten your teeth, whiten your teeth, improve your bite alignment, and more.

Some of the procedures we can offer include:

  • Adult Orthodontics, such as Invisalign clear aligners
  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Veneers
  • Crowns and Dental Bridges
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Tooth Colored Restorations
  • And more…

Smile Makeover: Payment Plans Available

Costs of smile makeovers vary and some of these costs may or may not be covered by dental insurance plans but money doesn’t have to stop you from improving your smile and your confidence. At your smile makeover consultation Dr. Tieken or Dr. Broberg will help you examine your options, help you understand the treatment timelines, and costs can be discussed as well as dental payment plan options.

Sedation Dentistry Austin

Sedation Dentistry: Available at Austin, TX Dental Office of Dr. Broberg and Tieken

For people who are anxious about dental appointments or who simply want to relax and have the appointment feel like it is much briefer than it might really be, sedation dentistry can help immensely. Our Austin, TX dental office provides safe sedation dentistry options, such as:

  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Oral Conscious Sedation
Sedation Dentistry Austin

Read on to find out more about each option. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We are committed to your comfort during every appointment and are happy to review any available options to ensure that your appointment is comfortable and stress-free.

Laughing Gas

Laughing gas, also known as Nitrous oxide, is very common for people who want the edge taken off but who don’t want long-lasting affects. This is generally well-tolerated and extremely helpful for those with dental anxiety.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Austin

Austin Dental Office Offers Help to Stop Snoring without a CPAP Machine

Your Austin dentist could help you stop snoring and get a better night’s sleep. Sleep apnea treatment is available at the Austin, TX dental office of Broberg and Tieken.

How can the dentist help you with snoring?

Snoring may be due to obstructive sleep apnea. OSA can lead to loud snoring intermingled with gasping for air. Because of an obstructed airway, you could be waking dozens of times per night as well. This leads to a number of health problems associated with lack of restful and restorative sleep.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Austin

Mild to moderate OSA sufferers may be good candidates for an oral appliance that opens the airway while you sleep. You can get fitted for this device at our Austin, TX dental office. Doctors Broberg and Tieken have had great success with this alternative to a CPAP machine. To find out if you are a good candidate, contact us.

Signs of OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea)

Snoring, continual fatigue, night eating, waking with a dry mouth, and daytime listlessness are all signs that you could have sleep apnea. It can impact how productive you are during the day and it can have a negative impact on your relationships and even your libido. You need adequate and restorative sleep and an alternative to a CPAP machine has some significant benefits.

  • It’s soundless
  • No more masks and elastic marks (plus associated rashes) on your face
  • Highly effective in many cases
  • A better night’s sleep for you and anyone else trying to sleep next to you!

Risks of Leaving Sleep Apnea Untreated

Many sleep apnea patients are non-compliant with their CPAP machine. Although it has a 100% success rate the rate of usage is very low. By neglecting the sleep apnea you’re keeping your partner awake but you’re also keeping yourself from getting the rest you need.

The consequences of leaving sleep apnea untreated could lead to a number of problems and risks. Heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure are a few of the areas that sleep apnea sufferers need to be concerned about. In addition, being tired all the time will take a toll on your personal life, could impact your career, and could put your safety and the safety of others in jeopardy.

Whether you have mild or moderate sleep apnea and want a CPAP alternative or you suspect your snoring could be obstructive sleep apnea, make an appointment with us at our Austin dental office. We would be pleased to help you explore this option to help you get a better night’s sleep.

New Dental Technology

New Dental Technology Available in Austin, TX

There are continuous advances in dental technology. Modern equipment is continually introduced to dentists in and around Austin. At Broberg and Tieken Dental we carefully review any and all opportunities to better treat our patients. Whether it’s advancements making older methods obsolete or new technology and procedures available to help you get the healthy and beautiful smile you deserve, we strive to keep our practice ahead of the curve leveraging proven modern dental technology. Below are a few of the areas we’ve recently invested in:

New Dental Technology


VELscope offers easy and painless oral cancer screening. This goes beyond the naked eye to outline areas of potential concern. Early detection and treatment offer the best possible outcome for those diagnosed with oral cancer and VELscope helps us help you very effectively.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays have significant benefits. By using these in our Austin dental office we save on energy, we get more accurate results on screen (which can be used here in our office and / or save you time with referrals), and they offer you, the patient, significantly less exposure to radiation.

Digital Impressions

Digital impressions offer great accuracy and are highly effective, especially when compared to tray and putty or bite impression paper. This technology is used in a variety of ways including in crafting dental restorations for cosmetic dentistry procedures.

PerioProtect for Gum Disease

Gum Disease is destructive. It robs you of your teeth and it can impact a number of health areas as well as put you at unnecessary risk of premature death. PerioProtect involves customized trays and medication that offer a minimally invasive periodontal disease treatment.

Dental Laser

Dental lasers are used in gum contouring, biopsies, and more. It eliminates the need for stitches and offers a much more conservative approach to soft tissue procedures.


DIAGNOdent enables Dr. Broberg and Dr. Tieken to find cavities easily. Early detection can mean that more of your natural tooth is preserved!

Custom Mouthguards by Under Armour

Custom mouthguards from Under Armour offer exceptional protection and can even enhance an athlete’s performance.

We continually review and invest in emerging proven dental technology for you, our patients!

Oraverse Treatment Austin

Wish Dental Freezing Wore Off Sooner? Now it Can at Our Austin Dental Office

It’s wonderful that dental anesthetics exist, helping us avoid pain from necessary dental procedures. But after your time in the chair is done, you undoubtedly want to get on with your life. And dental freezing or numbing can take time to wear off. Sometimes it seems like it takes a dog’s age for you to be able to resume normal speech and eating. And how many times have you inadvertently injured your jaw or cheek by biting it due to dental freezing? Broberg and Tieken Dental in Austin, TX offer OraVerse: a great solution to get rid of dental freezing effects sooner.


About OraVerse

OraVerse helps your Austin dentist get your sensations returning faster. Some people report freezing taking five or more hours to wear off. But Oraverse involves return to sensation in about half the time as without it.

OraVerse is an injection that is administered the same way freezing is given. You won’t feel pain as you’ll already be under the influence of dental freezing when it is given.

It’s not for everyone. Children or babies, particularly under 33 pounds, pregnant women, those with heart disease, and certain medical conditions could be preclusions. Most people are able to use OraVerse and many report to us that they are thrilled with the fast results. Talk to your dentist about health concerns that could cause drug interactions or contraindications.

This is an alpha-adrenergic blocking agent, also referred to as phentolamine mesylate. Talk to us to get more information about specific side effect risks and for further information.